Cheap second-hand bikes for
exchange students in Copenhagen


Transport and bike rental is expensive in Denmark but buying and reselling a bike will save you a lot of money on your exchange.

The BikeBuddies renovates used bikes to give them new lives and make sure that students find good & cheap second-hand bikes.

And... you can even sell your bike back to us before leaving!

Convenient & effortless

We make it easy for you to get a bike without much effort. We are at your host University during your arrival days, so you can get your bike while taking care of other practicalities too.

Save money

Buying and reselling a bike in Copenhagen will save you money on transport. We make it easy for you to buy a good & cheap bike, while giving you the opportunity to resell your bike again.

Good quality bikes

We make sure that you get a good bike. We thoroughly check and renovate all our bikes so that they are fully functional and comfortable to bike on, while meeting all legal & safety requirements in Denmark.

Customisation & Service

We make sure that your bike fits you perfectly. When you come to pick up your bike, we'll adjust it to your height and preferences so you feel comfortable and ready to go biking. And we gladly readjust your bike during your stay, for free.

Our buy-back solution

We save you time and money. As your exchange comes to an end, we offer to buy back your bike. This will save you time because you won't need to find a buyer, and money because we make sure you'll get a fair price for your bike.

We care about the Planet

Waste harms our environment. We take part in reducing bike waste by giving old bikes new lives. You can help us with our work by buying a renovated second-hand bike from us. This is a great way to get a cheap & good bike during your stay.

EUR 135 / DKK 1000

Good and cheap second-hand bikes in Copenhagen

All our bikes are second-hand, but feel as good as new. All of them are thoroughly checked and repaired. We make sure that the bike's brake functionality, overall stability, and profile of tires are in perfect condition and meet all safety requirements. Every bike is adjusted to the buyer's height and preferences.

Chain lock
EUR 15 / DKK 150

Cheap used bikes for students in Copenhagen

We highly recommend you to buy a chain lock. Every year thousands of bikes are stolen in Copenhagen, and there's nothing worse than losing your bike to a bike thief. Better safe than sorry!

Sign up for a bike

When you have signed up for a bike, we'll get back to you with more information on how and where to pick up your bike in Copenhagen, so you don't have to worry about that on arrival.

Pay for your bike

When you have paid for your bike, we'll find a bike that fits your height perfectly. You can choose to pay the full amount for your bike now, or pay half now and the remaining amount on pick up.

Pick up your bike

We are at your host University during the arrival days & intro program. We guide you, so you know how & where to pick up your bike easily and without effort. If you arrive later, don't worry! We'll contact you to sort that out.

Enjoy Copenhagen

Before you leave us with your bike, we'll adjust it to your height and preferences and make sure that you are well equipped and confident to go biking in the heart of Copenhagen. Contact us if you have any questions.

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