About us

We, Alexander and Daniel, started The BikeBuddies in the beginning of 2019, shortly after we came back from our Bachelor Exchange Program. During our exchange abroad, we experienced that it sometimes can be very frustrating coming to a new country because you have no idea of how to handle all the practical matters and simply struggle to understand how things work.

Since our establishment, our mission has been to help students save money on overpriced bikes and rental subscriptions and make sure our customers are well equipped and ready to enjoy the Danish biking culture. Our vision is to make sure that every student in Copenhagen can afford a bike while studying in the city.

Copenhagen is ranked #1 most bike-friendly city in the world, and we Danes love to use our bikes! Therefore, it is smart to find a bike as soon as you get to Copenhagen in order to reduce the hassle, time spent, and expenses related to the transport.

So what’s the excuse? Get a bike so you have more money to spend on all the funny stuff here in Copenhagen!

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