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Below you can find our most frequent questions and answers

All our bikes are second-hand but newly renovated so they feel almost like new! All bikes are equipped with a bike bell, and when you come to pick up your bike we’ll give you a set of lights for free!

We ensure that all bikes meet safety and legal requirements in Denmark, so you don’t have to worry about having problems with the functionally or quality of your bike, or being afraid of getting a fine from the Police.

When you come to pick up your bike, you’ll have several bikes to choose from. You can pick the one you prefer and feel comfortable with after a test run. 

However, you have to pay in advance to picking up your bike as we have many students coming in the arrival days and we need to know how many bikes are needed on our different pick up locations.

Everyone can buy a second-hand bike from us. Also if you are not a student! Although, if you stay in Denmark for longer than 1 semester like many exchange students, we don’t guarantee that our buy-back solution is eligible for you. But hey! You can still get a good bike and sell it back yourself!

If you arrive earlier or later than our specified dates, don’t worry! 

When you order and come to the check out page, you can specify which date you prefer to pick up your bike. We will arrange a new time for pick up on your preferred day so you can come and pick up your bike.

When you have ordered a bike, we will give you further information on where to pick up your bike. The time and where you can pick up your bike depends on which date you have chosen when you ordered you bike. 

Approximately 1-2 weeks before you arrive to Copenhagen, we’ll give you more exact notice on how to get your bike!

Do you arrive late/early read the above FAQ: “I arrive earlier / I arrive later than your dates”

Selling a bike in Copenhagen is easy. You can either use our buy back solution (if you are an 1 semester exchange student) or sell your bike elsewhere.

Are you staying for more than 1 semester, we can’t guarantee to buy back your bike, so you will have to find a buyer yourself. But, don’ worry! We can help you to find a buyer. We know a lot of places where you can find buyers of second-hand bikes!

Our buy back solution is for all exchange students staying for one semester only. The buy back price is fixed at DKK 400, unless the bike has major damages or is broken. In this case, we can still buy back your bike, but repair costs related to the bike will be included in the buy back price. 

We will inform you with a date and place where you can simply drop off your bike, and then we will transfer the money directly to your bank account within a few days. Are you leaving early or can’t make it to the arranged date, don’t worry. We will sort something out for you!

Our buy back offer is completely optional, so you are free to sell your bike to whoever you prefer! 

Yes! The BikeBuddies’ offer it’s customers a rental service for just DKK 150 for 1 weekend (Friday-Monday). Leave us an email and we can reserve a bike for you!

This deal is perfect in case you have family or friends over and want them to share the feeling of going local with the biking culture of Copenhagen. And the price is so low that we bet you can find it cheaper anywhere else! 

For non-BikeBuddies customers the price for 1 weekend rental service is DKK250 for 1 weekend (Friday-Monday). Leave us an email and we can reserve a bike for you!

All mechanical parts of the bike including the brake, chain, wheels, and frame, are included in our warranty policy for the first 6 months from buying the bike. Our warranty policy also includes a flat tire or minor issues during the first 14 days since you bought the bike.

If you are unlucky to get a flat tire during the first two weeks since you bought your bike we’ll repair the tire for free! After 14 days you will have to fix a flat tire yourself.

There are bike-repair shops everywhere in Copenhagen, so it’s very easy to find one, in case you prefer not to do it yourself. If you need recommendations or help to find a good & cheap repair shop, we can help!

A flat tire usually happens a few times during a year in Copenhagen. To avoid getting a flat tire, be a  true ninja and dodge sharp objects on the bike lanes such as glass, sharp stones, etc.!

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any insurance on your bike. But, having a second-hand bike makes the chance of getting your bike stolen by a bike thief much lower (they like new and fancy bikes more!).

To avoid getting your bike stolen in Copenhagen, it is important that you have a chain lock. We offer a very secure and cheap chain lock, that we highly recommend you to buy. We will carefully go through how to lock your bike properly with a chain lock, so you can minimize any risk of getting your bike stolen. 

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