Second hand bike

All our bikes are recycled which means they are transformed from bike waste to second hand wonders so they always feel almost as good as new.

Before we find a new owner for our second-hand wonders, we always thoroughly service everything on the bike so we make sure that the bike’s brake functionality, overall stability, gears, chain, and profile of tires are in great condition and meet all safety requirements. You can always expect to get a bike from The BikeBuddies in great condition, even though it’s a second hand bike.

A pro tip for bike owners in Copenhagen: it’s way better to have a less attractive second-hand bike than a brand new shiny bike. Thieves prefer to steal the eye-catching bikes 😉 And of course, it’s always important that you lock your bike to something with a good quality chain lock.

We have many different bikes both for men and women. When you come to pick up your bike, you can try and choose any bike you like. We always help you to find the right bike and adjust the seat and handlebar so it fits you perfectly!


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